About Us

Anyone can visit Paradise.

Paradise is a 300 acre historic property open to the public all year round.

For a donation you can park your vehicle and wander the 'Loop Track' that menders it way around the property and experience the majestic scenery first hand.

Most people choose to stay overnight and there are a variety of accommodation options to choose from.  It is now such a popular place to 'unplug' from today's high-tech world that a two-night minimum stay is in place for most of the year. 

Paradise Trust works hard to preserve the historic and natural beauty of the property so that everyone can have access to a very special part of the world.

Paradise is looked after by a manager who lives onsite and volunteers play a vital part in looking after the place for us all to enjoy. Paradise Trust is committed to protecting this historic site and its natural environment, including precious native inhabitants. A number of biodiversity projects are currently underway.

The Trust